A fashion house in Delhi, where 'ASU,' signifying tomorrow, and 'KA,' evoking fragrance, converge to craft timeless menswear. From bespoke suit sets to linen shirts and Indo-western kurta sets, each ensemble tells a rich narrative, transcending temporal confines. Asuka embodies the marriage of tradition and innovation, blending classical roots with contemporary trends to express individual identity and shape the future of men's fashion.


Craft your bespoke suit at our Hyderabad Flagship Store on Road No. 2, Banjara Hills. Experience meticulous designs, swift delivery, and finest fabric quality, tailored with precision and passion.


Explore a wide range of premium menswear at our Mumbai Flagship Store on SV Road, Santacruz West. Design your suit with expert craftsmanship and dedication, selecting from esteemed international fabric brands for elevated refinement.

brand story

Holding a deep connection with fabrics, design work and karigari, as a design house our collections and karigari pay a tribute to the unique Indian culture and heritage through the narrative tales of our thread and needle, and initiate a revival of timeless aesthetics, expression and style definition.

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